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Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 11:27 PM
; Becoming who we are.

Summer has come and passed,
The innocent can never last,
Wake me up when September ends.

As my memory rests,
But never forgets what I lost,
Wake me up when September ends.

2:41 AM
Already gone.

Life's a climb,
But the view is great.
Travis Brody.

Dear Anonymous,

The circle you are in now is indeed hurtful. More upsetting than I could ever imagine. I never knew until now. Your stories actually made me tear. I know I am very emotional and sensitive, but still.

She seems really nice. I started tearing after I saw the msn message that she sent you. About her going off, maybe she has her family problems or maybe she had made her decision. A decision whereby it would be the best for her. But maybe just maybe she might come to you as a friend which I guess it is good enough for you. Better than nothing. Therefore, be patient as patience is a virtue.

Do not say you have not done enough. There are also no rights or wrongs, trust me. Always believe in yourself. Because I believe in you.

As a friend of yours, all I can do is talk to you and make you stop thinking about her. I really wish you could overcome this barrier soon. I may not mend your heart, but I am all ears for you. Never frown as you might not know, the smile on your face could make someone's day.

After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best you can do is breath and reboot.

This is for you,

Life is full obstacles. This is just one of it. Be strong like an unbreakable metal chain.

1:18 AM

From this,

(the one of the left)

To this,


He says it is hippie wtf.


Went into her unknown world just now.
Yes, sorry babe. I mischievously invited myself to read it. (;
Write something on my tagboard when you stalk me okay? Although I know you always stalk me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 10:52 PM
Of candles and cream.

Two birthday shoutouts today.

Firstly to,

(sorry, I had to steal from your Facebook profile since we do not have a picture together plus you look fab here)

Jane or Jade? People always tend to mix up with our names. Even Miss Rozi did. During one of her classes, she kept calling me Jane. Hahah. Funny one. Anyway, just got to know you last semester only but I am glad that I knew you. Another pretty one added to the pile. Best thing is you are my good friend's girl.

We might not be close but yeah, we have been comforting each other in msn when we are down like any other good friends would do. Thanks for that, Jane. Sweet of you. (:

I have always loved your voice. The way you talk, the accent. I am sure you remember me telling you this last semester.

So girl, this is for you. Happy birthday! Hope you had lots of fun today. Glad that I actually saw you and gave you a hug. (: May you live all the days in your life happily, dearie.

And secondly,


Oh my god. Sister from another mother, where you have been? Have not seen you since I left high school. Pretty long eh. But I still remember you! You and your naiveness when you were younger. Now, you are all grown up already.

I will never forget how I knew you. And how I brought you to meet my friends. The handsome ones. During recess, we used to meet up and talk, about guys. Also, all those late night chats in msn. Hahah. Thank you for always being there for me when I was upset about my past relationships.

How you ended up with Jia Jun is a miracle. Glad that you guys are still going strong until now. I still see him in college. Even called me up last Friday if I'm not mistaken. Forgot which day.

Anyway, today is your day. Happy birthday! Being seventeen sure is fun, babe. Enjoy high school while you can. All the best for your SPM alright. You will do well. (: I also want to wish you all the best in life. Take care, 'sis'. ♥

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.
- Plautus.

2:00 AM
; Her bits and pieces.

Just got the invitation to view her blog.
And oh my god, Tan Ke Yi. You critiqued me in your blog. Awesome eh.
You're so dead. Better watch out!



Jelly mooncakes oh jelly mooncakes. Freaking yummilicious. Ivy made many many many types for us.
From cendol flavour to red bean flavour.
Thanks Ivy! (:


Future Love - Kristiana DeBarge.

1:06 AM
Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

Ah shit, why does not the title for every of my post appears?
I officially suck at html codes. Bahh.
Help, anyone?


To V,

If you don't get everything you want,
think of the things you don't get that you don't want.
- Oscar Wilde.


I used to admire you. Your confidence, consistency, friendliness and sweetness. They all cannot be missed. But those are what you used to have. Now, you simply disgust me.

Because of the one word called love, you changed into someone who barely knows any sense of rationality. You are not even yourself anymore. I utterly pity you and your friends who had once loved you.

Why bother treating me so nicely when you do not even like me? I cannot believe the sight of you when you were talking to me about D and M behind their backs and moments later, you are acting so nicely with them. I did not spill out any of your deeds to either one of them. Why? Answer is, they are both precious to me. Do you not remember that they were once precious to you as well? I would call that bullshit if the answer is a yes.

I am only writing this because I feel the disappointment in my best friend who would still welcome you anytime in her arms warmly as her best friend.

Change for the sake of yourself. Revive your inner qualities. Put down all the anger, jealousy and hard feelings. Friendships beat love because love could leave you, but friends would not. Memories between D and you, are they meant to be left like that? I certainly do not think so.

One word, cherish.

Monday, September 28, 2009, 4:09 PM
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
But anyone can start today and make a happy ending.
- Maria Robinson.