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Friday, October 30, 2009, 10:28 PM
Boom boom.

It's raining heavily now.
We can't go to Jonker Street.


Yeap, you guessed it right.
I'm currently in Malacca now.
It's my second day here.
Will be back home tomorrow!


Thursday, October 29, 2009, 8:39 AM

My Cafe World reached the maximum buzz rating! Woohoo. (:




Tuesday, October 27, 2009, 1:30 PM
A bad romance.

22nd October 2009

Around 6 pm, mum sent me over to Sykin's for barbeque. Met Pavan outside her house, went in saw and Bhajan eating fried rice. Haha that's the only thing he can eat anyway. He's a vegetarian. Meian's fried rice is really awesome. Tasted like some fried rice from a five star hotel buffet. Haha wth. Krystal, Pei Yuan and Kern Lun were already there. So I sort of helped Meian in frying the rice as well while I stole all the mushrooms. Hahh.

We made drinks while waiting for everyone to come.

So, everyone except Luke and Isaac came first so off we went to the field to set up the things. Turned out only Kern Lun knows how to light the bbq thing. Haha. Useless guy friends I have.

Then, we started grilling. Isaac came slightly later. We ate and talked and ate and talked. Most of them went to listen to Bhajan's craps. Haha, he's well known for that.
Pei Yuan and I went to play the swings most of the times. We gossiped. Meian joined us too later. (:

Michael and Cruise (I think that's his name, lol) came
later. And we took tons of pictures. From the bench to the see saws to swings to the slides. We were ecstatic.

All the girls.
Bhajan said I looked like I was getting married to Pei Yuan wth.

Everyone. (:

My eyes are so sepet. ):

Ivy and Meian. And my sweaty look.

Stupid fella crawled from the end to the top.

Ala ala Titanic.

Oops, they caught us eating. Haha.

My slutty bitch. Host for the night.

Awesome people and awesome food = awesome night.

Chilled at Sykin's place after clearing things up. Ivy went home so Isaac volunteered to send me home. Meian suggested to go for a drink but I was too exhausted. Yee Mei and Kern Lun didn't want to go Tanjung as well so they sent me home. Yee Mei was really ill, I can see. Her voice was sexy though. (;

Slept once I reached home because there's a celebration for Ivy's birthday the day after. It's a successful one. (:

Pictures from Ivy's celebration to be posted soon!


7:01 AM
It's like a fairytale.

Happy birthday Aqeel!



Okay so I had been abandoning my blog yet, again. Yeah, I feel bad for that too. I'm too busy at times so when I have spare time, I'll choose to sleep. Hahah.

It's like everyday is everyone's birthday.

Ivy's on Saturday, Aqeel's today, Isaac's tomorrow then Shen Ee and Pin Zai and moreeee to come. Ahh that reminds me, Ke Yi's also.

Meaning, fun increase.

But money decrease.


Ahh as long as everyone is happy then its fine to me.

Anyway I bought this for Diana.

Rry and Joel bought me a purple one last year. It comes in handy when you don't know where to hang your accessories anymore.

Anyway when I first saw it, I knew she would like it. You know, it's like some sort of feeling just got over me wth. So I bought it without even thinking twice. Hahh.

Anddddd... she loves it! Wait, its love like hell. She even used extremely extremely. The way she described how much she like it was like super duper exaggerating. She said it herself.

Glad that you love it darling.

Thursday, October 22, 2009, 12:03 PM
Ooo can't nobody do it like you.

Check out:

They are goooood. I've been listening to them day and night wth.

Well I wish that you would call me right now,
So that I could get through to you somehow,
But I guess it's safe to say baby, safe to say,
That I'm officially missing you.
- Officially Missing You ; Tamia.

9:55 AM
Let's live it up.

I like her.
Guess who?



So it was dad's birthday on the twentieth. We went for dinner at Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid. Dad is like some typical Chinaman who prefers chinese cuisine. So yeah. Aunt Yat Meng came with us as well that night. Since I'm like a mobile GPS (Melvin claimed), I leaded them to the restaurant.

I've always passed by that restaurant when I was working at Quiksilver early last year. It pretty much caught my attention. Why? The interior design is red colour with mixtures of black. I'm a red lover and besides, red and black are the best colour combination ever.

Well besides that, it was also because of the statues the displayed the entrance. You know those really ancient statues called the terracotta army that were originally placed in Qin Shi Huang's (the First Emperor of China) Tomb in order to help rule another empire with Shi Huang Di in the afterlife. There were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses in the tomb.

I find it really cool. Honestly, I'm interested in these sort of things. History and all. But not with Malaysia's. Too boring. Epic fail.

Anyway, here's a picture of dad with two of the statues.

We got in and a friendly waiter took us to our table. I can't help but to look around. It is indeed a restaurant with welcoming ambiance. Pretty colours, pretty lighting, pretty set ups.

Get the picture?

After settling down, we spent a long time flipping through the menus (there are many varieties, you see) and still undecided on what to eat. I guess indecisiveness runs in the blood. Hahh. In the end, we kept ordering and ordering. Madness.

Awesome egg tart! Soft inside, crunchy on the outside. And it was smokin' hot.

Some of the food that we ordered.

Damn freaking adorable pig baos.

After paying the bills, we walked out with bloated stomachs and wide smiles. Dad was happy so we were happy. Mouthwatering food with quite reasonable prices. Some are a tad overpriced though. But it's worth it definitely.

Left to Aunt Yat Meng's house after dinner. It was already ten plus. We spent almost two hours eating wth. Johnny was hyper as usual. Kept jumping when he saw us. Too excited I suppose. I spent some time with the kids. Been seeing them for almost everyday now. Went home after that and straight I lied on the bed and snoozed off.


Bbq tonight at Sykin's! Woohoo.

That slut thinks I'm a jacoon because I don't know how to make a ♥ without using the copy and paste method.

Laugh all you want.

I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night.


I went to pyramid yesterday with Ke Yi to get Ivy's present. Ended up buying more things than I should. Got something for Diana darling too. Will post a picture of it after Ivy's birthday celebration tomorrow. Just in case she reads my blog. Haha.

Hopefully the celebration turns out well tomorrow as my organizing skill is kinda sucky. (I think)

Have an awesome day, people!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 5:33 AM
Happy things do come often.

You're thought about more often than you can guess,
and thoughts of you just naturally bring smiles of happiness.
Now, that it's your birthday,
may each and every warm thought,
bring a wish for all the best in life,
and all your favourite things.

- Anonymous.

Happy fifty sixth birthday, Dad!
Thanks for everything you have given me.
Thanks for pampering me, always.

I love you,
from the bottom of my heart.

With love,

Monday, October 19, 2009, 3:11 AM
Look to your right.

So I put my hands up,
They're playin' my song,
The butterflies fly away,
Noddin' my head like "Yeah",
Movin' my hips like "Yeah".
- Party in The USA ; Miley Cyrus.

Free yourself.


Today, I was so bored, I sewed my name into my underwear. FML

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 8:32 AM
Let's all celebrate.

I know I'm kinda late.

Ram! The light of lights, the self-luminous inner light of the self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of your heart. Sit quietly. Close your eyes. Withdraw the senses. Fix the mind on this supreme light and enjoy the real Deepavali, by attaining illumination of the soul.

Happy Deepavali/Diwali.

p/s: I want muruku!

6:19 AM
Adorable Riley.

As I was chatting halfway,

Just suddenly, so suddenly,


All turned black. Only raindrops and thunder could be heard.

Short circuit wth.


11th October 2009

One of Riley's full moon cupcakes.

Riley is finally one month old today. All of us gathered in my uncle's house for the celebration. Many of Liz's colleagues came with their babies as well. Her husband, Kaz was saying its like a baby fair. All the cries and giggles. Ahhh.

We had buffet for dinner. Superb food. Satay, fried wantan, roasted lamb, chicken rendang, rojak, ice kacang, assam squids and more. It was like heaven. Yummy. And so, I sat with KT and her friends. All her Sri KL mates. Fun to sit with them because we somehow click although they are like twelve years older than I am. Th
ey'll always tell me how adorable I was when I was a baby and watching me grow up. I'm the youngest cousin, you see. Out of all her friends, I can only remember Winnie clearly. Because she is so pretty. Half Chinese, half Japanese. Her dad owns Renoma by the way. Well as for Amelia and Melanie, I can remember them for sure since I followed them to Genting last year for MTV Asia Awards.

Anyway, after that I went to catch up with my other cousins as well. The awesome three Malay cousins. Jannah, Yaya and Izah.
They are hilarious people. I love talking to them. I love the way they still call me Baby Jade whereas KT and her two sisters call me Baby till today. Sooo, I got to know that Izah is getting married in February next year. We are all looking forward to it since it's like the first Malay wedding in our family ever. I should start hunting for a nice baju kebaya already. Or should I just wear that very red cheongsam that is like hanging in the cupboard for ages already. We'll see.

I miss Michelle and Janelle. The very beautiful pair of twins. They never fail to tal
k to me when I was like isolated last time when I was sick. And their sister, Tracy whom I've only video chat with. Mum says she looks like Gong Li. Oh and also their mother, Aunt Lucy. The one who always compliment me. Sweet woman with stunning children. Aunt Bebe who married a Russian has got very good looking children too. They are all currently living in Australia. Guess I'll only see them during Izah's wedding. ):

One Malaysia? I say we are One Family.

Sorry, I got too carried away talking about my relatives. Okay, back to Riley. His full name is Riley Hiro Chong-Hope. What a name right, I know. He's American and Japanese born Chinese. The boy is always smiling even when he is sleeping. Ever wonder how he looks like?

His eighteenth day on planet Earth.
Does he look ang moh-ish to you?

Liz and Kaz's family members during their wedding back in year 2006.

Them cousins who went that day for the photoshoot.
Yeah, I wasn't in it. Cause I was having mid terms that time. ):

Oh baby Riley, because of you, I won't be the youngest family member in Subang anymore. Uncle Chong, Aunt Peggy, Liz, KT and Yi Mun will now all spoil you and splurge on you. I should feel sad, but no, I'm glad that you came to this world. Cause now I can play with you and buy things for you, too. Hahahaha wth. I'll be your best aunty, Riley. I promise.

Now I have come to realise that I am getting older already. I'll remember all those innocent yet wonderful moments when I was a kid. Thanks Mum, Dad, Uncle Chong, Aunt Peggy, Liz, KT and Yi Mun for always pampering me, for always giving me the best.

I might not have said this before, but I love you all. ❤

3:00 AM
Peace forever more.

Goes and goes, the time goes on we are not alone,
We live on together and we will find some precious things,
Sometime we will smile sometime we will cry somehow,
Don't forget believing yourself, tomorrow's never die.
- Every Heart ; Boa.

It's raining heavily now.
And I can't sleep.
And I'm hungry.

Somebody save me.


Alright, I know I haven't been updating my blog.


Lackadaisical is the reason.

Nonetheless, I sincerely apologize to my fellow readers.

I'll update soon.

Real soon!


Monday, October 12, 2009, 3:46 AM

Shen just freaking lied to me!

And then he says I'm a good friend.
Really, seriously.

It's not working, Shen.


Sunday, October 11, 2009, 10:49 PM

No motivation to blog. ):
Will blog tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009, 3:22 AM

My everyday phrase,

Who cares?

Seriously man. Who freaking cares.

Right, easier said than done.

Because deep down, we all care.

Note: Just ignore this stupid post. Makes no sense at all.


Blame Mr Jana for this! Hahahah.

2:54 AM
; Cherish.

You're delusional, you're delusional,
Boy you're losing your mind,
It's confusing yo, you're confused you know,
Why you wasting your time?
- Obsessed ; Mariah Carey.

Pictures from Pei Yuan's Blackberry.

I was sick so I looked oh-so-blahh in the pictures. ):


English Research and Analysis Project progress - 50%.

Studies for Mock Exam - Zero.


So dead.


Genting this Friday.

All I miss about Genting;

29th April 2009

Being there with them. Not sleeping for two days straight. Going out to walk with the two girls till 4 in the morning. Protecting ourselves when people thought we were freaking prostitutes and approached us while going from hotels to hotels. Having Starbucks there. Diana painting my nails for me. Massaging for each other. Playing Truth or Dare in the hotel room. Taking shit loads of pictures. Bowling. Those stupid moments in our hotel room. Seeing the sunrise there. Isaac's 'live concert' (inside joke). Playing in the theme park. Throwing coins in the water pond at First World. Finding out someone's huge secret. Witnessing many things and having awkward moments. Having many chinese herbal tea egg in one day. Jogging outside with Hui Sian after movie. Accompanying the guys watch MU match. Climbing the stairs of the temple. The close bonding within us.

Hui Sian says Genting on New Year's Eve.
YAYY! (;

Tuesday, October 6, 2009, 10:12 PM
I navigate myself.

Meet me halfway, right at the borderline,
That's where I'm gonna wait, for you,
I'll be lookin out, night n' day,
Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stay.
- Meet Me Halfway ; Black Eyed Peas.

I got two texts from Shen and Veron today.
It seems that the super typhoon Parma will hit Philippines at 222km/ph midnight tonight.
Strong winds will hit us here. Thus, please stay indoors and stay safe.
Don't be on the road unnecessarily.
Spread the words people!

I forwarded the message above to people that I care about. Many replied but the funniest award goes to Pavan.

'I'm gonna wear the wet suit from MTV World Stage and stand out on the road'.

I replied, 'Haha ass. Don't be stupid. Stay in!'.

'No, I'm gonna fly like a kite. Hahaha'.



3:09 AM
Your smile.

Since I can't sleep,


I just find this cute.


To someone who is down mostly every night;
To someone who thought I've forgotten her;
To someone who is having relationship problems now;
To someone who is always there for me;
To someone who got into a car accident because of me;
To someone who cleared my mind for me;
To someone who cries after pouring out her problems to me;
To someone who needed me;
To someone who I was once close to;
To someone that I really care about;
To someone who gave me hope and strength;

I am always here for you.

Note : No other connotations.

1:08 AM
Now put your hands up.

So come on and fly with me,
s we make our great escape.
- Down ; Jay Sean.

I love love today. (:


Went to Mid Valley today right after class because Melvin needs to get his cheque from his boss. While he was going off, he kindly asked Melvin if I'm his girlfriend. I was stunned and answered, 'Nooo'. Hahah, funny one. Anyway, as usual went to Hui Sian's house after that. Mico, the professional baker was filing some boards. I asked her what for, she said she's baking wedding cake for someone. I was like wow. Yeah, her baking is really good. (;

And so as usual, I went to Hui Sian and Janice's room. Washed those dirty feet of mine and lied dead on the bed. A normal routine for all of us. They claim that Melvin and I live under the same roof as well. So yeah. Hahh. We gossiped all the way. Shared some secrets. They told me I need to see a doctor in Puchong. What the hell. I responded to that by saying Hui Sian needs to walk out and turn left to see her doctor. HAHAH.

So then Melvin came in and hoho, we put make up on him. Applied eyeliner and mascara on his eyes. Well, honestly I think his eyes are beautiful enough already. Just to extra beautified it. LOL. How come we girls don't get eyes like his? So totally unfair.

Left their house around 12 plus. Halfway back to my house, I thought I saw a baby cockroach on Melvin's dashboard. I told him and he freaked out a little. He pointed out somewhere else on the dashboard and asked, 'There right?'. Shit, there were two. Two freaking baby roaches. Ahh, the horror. We stopped by one bus stop and I went out of the car since he willingly wanted to kill those roaches.

End result, not killed.

Because (haha), he was afraid as well. The way he approached the roaches, absurdly funny. Didn't know getting stuck in car with roaches can be so fun. Or rather, scary. Too bad Isaac wasn't with us. Or else, I think the car will be upside down already. HAHH.

Reached home in a while. Gave him the spray thing to spray and gave him my handmade mooncake. He opened and smelt it. He said it smells nice. Hahah, happy. It's my first time making, so yeah. (;

And now I'm here blogging. (: Breakfast tomorrow with him and the girls before class. Long time ago since Hui Sian, Janice, Melvin and I had a meal together.


The rose you that gave me for my birthday.
Miss you darling.


Received a text from babe that he reached home safely. (:
Goodnight world.

Monday, October 5, 2009, 1:43 AM
You make it hard for breathing.

I feel that I can finally throw the note that I left in my pencil case for a long time.

Because whatever that I've wrote on it, I can remember them by heart.
A piece of foolscape paper, front and back full of words.
If you were to ask me to rewrite, please provide me with a second piece of paper.
Because as each day passes by, there are more things that I miss about you.

Two is Better than One - Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift.

Sunday, October 4, 2009, 9:00 PM
Lanterns and lights.

In his car, in front of her house,
she said, 'Drive carefully yeah'.

Vomited like four times yesterday.
That explains why I didn't blog yesterday.

I feel better now.

So yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival. Didn't plan to celebrate it with my friends as I was sick. So mum invited her friends over. They brought Johnny along. Just so you know, I babysitted Johnny for almost a month before this. While he was in my room, he actually urined on my bed. I started screaming when I saw him doing that. Wth right, I know.

Johnny is a very adorable poodle.

Around 8 plus, I received a call from Hui Sian.

Me : Hello.

Her: Hello Jade, you okay or not? You wait ah, I go fetch you go see doctor now.

Me: *Stunned*

Thanks babe. You are the best.

Then somehow she made me felt guilty for not celebrating mid-autumn with them. I gave in then Melvin came to pick me up and off we went to the temple to meet up with Janice and all. I suggested the temple since Juliet told me there is some Lantern Festival celebration there supposedly. But we only saw a few people singing there. So we left and went to USJ 2 for dinner.

Melvin then spontaneously suggested to go for a movie. Everyone agreed and we went to Tropicana City Mall. Our usual place for movies. Janice and Pei Yuan wanted to watch Tsunami at first but I've watched it already with Ke Yi. End up, we picked Sorority Row. Since the movie starts at 11.30pm, we had ample of time. And we girls did what we do best. Camwhore! Pictures are with Pei Yuan who just got a new Blackberry. Will get the pictures from her tomorrow.



Sorority Row is superficially a slasher movie. It revolves around a Theta Pi sorority prank gone wild which obviously resulted in a very bad thing. As you'd expect with this kind of movie, a mysterious hooded killer shows up and starts to kill everyone. Even in the shower. Gory and bloody. The girls in the movie are hot. I personally like Cassidy (Briana Evigan). So in the end, two sisters and one outsider survived. But it seems like the story has not end yet as a certain someone is back to haunt them.

Theta Pi's motto : Trust, respect, honor, secrecy and solidarity.


After the movie, we went back to their house to chit chat. At 2 plus, we went to the field near their house to play lanterns. We didn't dare to light the firecrackers that Melvin brought though because it was past midnight already.

The field that we always go to back in last semester.

Burn candles, burn.

I forgot to turn on the flash.
The people in the picture are Hui Sian, Janice, Pei Yuan, Ke Yi, Melvin and Alfred.
Isaac and Momo didn't join us though. ):

Hui Sian and Janice made a heart. Hui Sian was more pro though. Sorry Janice. (;

With love, Melvin.

We left around 4 am. Melvin sent Pei Yuan and Ke Yi back to college first. We were surprised to see all the gates closed. Ke Yi had to wait till 6 before she can go into her hostel. Sunway management - stupid.

So then, it's my turn to go home. Something really funny happened in the car. Hahaha. He had to switch off the radio because I was pretending to ignore him while humming to the song being played at that moment.

And he said 'Yeah sure, goodnight babe'.
Thanks for making everything the same as before.

Friday, October 2, 2009, 2:05 PM
Giggles oh Giggles.

Report of the Day

Title : Effect of watching too much of Happy Tree Friends.

Aim : To determine the effect of watching too much of Happy Tree Friends.

Problem Statement : Will Happy Tree Friends make you go crazy?

Hypothesis : The level of craziness of oneself increases with the amount of Happy Tree Friends that he/she watches.


Manipulated : The amount of Happy Tree Friends watched.

Responding : The level of craziness a human can get.

Fixed: The amount of sleep.

Apparatus/Materials: Happy Tree Friends (doh) and a bedroom.


1. Watch ten episodes of Happy Tree Friends.
2. Go to sleep.


I dreamt that I was in a car with two friends. H and J. H was driving. It was already midnight and we were on our way out from Sunway Pyramid. The windows were down and we can feel the cooling breeze. Music were blasting as well. Awesome.

Then suddenly, I heard a loud crash. An unidentified car suddenly crashed into ours. It hit the door on the driver’s side. I saw H’s right hand got crushed and was ripped off practically with blood oozing out continually. Non-stop like a pipe with running water. We all started screaming like a bunch of bimbotic chiqs.

That is not the end. After all the screaming, J and I started to realize that H was missing. Not. Only to find that her skeletal body was left on her seat. (I know this doesn’t make any sense). So obviously then we started screaming again. Then, end.

I woke up feeling scared. I got cuckoo and ran downstairs while calling out to my mum. I kept yelling oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. And without noticing, I hit my right leg on the wall. My leg broke into half and started to obviously, bleed again. Like a broken running pipe, again. What’s worse is I suddenly had blood running down my nose.

Then, I woke up. For real. And I got really crazy. Why? I switched on my computer to watch more of Happy Tree Friends.


Do not watch too much of Happy Tree Friends. It is bad for health. It makes you go c-u-c-k-o-o.




Think again.