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Sunday, November 29, 2009, 8:52 AM
Meet me on the equinox.

Watched New Moon on the day that it was released. I was not surprised that all the cinemas are packed. Tried reserving tickets online but failed miserably. Keyi even came to a point that she said cold water were poured on her kao kao, since she's the one who was so eager to catch the movie on the day itself. It's like a must or something. Hence, I picked her up from college and off we went to Summit which was obviously our last resort.

We actually met Yvonne and Yip at MPH bookstore. What a coincidence x13985429 haha. They wanted to watch New Moon as well but Yvonne got to go home for dinner, so they settled with Ninja Assassin. After saying our byes, Keyi and I sort of like rushed to get to the tickets. Unexpectedly, there were only a few people queuing up. We bought our tickets and omg, we were so happy wtf. But we had a problem. The movie's starting at 6.55pm and it was only 5pm that time. Great. We killed time by eating, going to MPH and the pharmacy (to play play with cosmetics wth) and yakking away. We talked so much, I couldn't even remember what we talked about.

Anyway, we bought McFlurry's and sneaked them into the cinema hall. I saw everyone with popcorn's and I was getting really thirsty. So I 'ditched' Keyi and went to get the popcorn and drinks. Came back just in time for the show.


Truthfully speaking, I didn't enjoy the movie. I think that the movie is one of the biggest joke in 2009. (New Moon lovers, don't come after me please!) The way Edward appeared in the movie with huge wind blowing right at him (wth trying to make him look 'hotter' is it). Edward is hot but Robert Pattinson isn't, hello.

Okay, I know Taylor Lautner's body is hot or rather, amazing but why on earth he has to take off his shirt and use it to wipe off the blood on Bella's head. I think everyone laughed at these two scenes as if they were watching a comedy.

Oh, and Bella tells Jacob that he's gotten all buff and yeah, soon enough he's never been wearing a shirt and standing outside in the rain. How many of the audience wouldn't already know that he's a werewolf?

Many parts of the movie were left unexplained. I didn't read the novel so how am I suppose to know what is going on. I tried knocking some sense into my head but I didn't bother to do so later as it was getting more ridiculous.

The movie was really draggy and they rushed it off towards the end. And the part where Alice showed Aro the future of Edward and Bella, what. the. hell. The slow motion running in the woods scene is freaking epic. I was completely stunned when I saw that.

I did cry in the movie though, hahaha. The ending scene where Bella sees herself in Jacob's eye which was already tearing. It was sad what, no?

'This is the last time you'll ever see me', Edward Cullen says to Bella Swan. As if right.

p/s : The plus one is for Taylor Lautner's hot hot body HAHAHA.

Friday, November 27, 2009, 5:52 AM
I'm falling.

Who is going to catch me this time?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 5:23 AM
Nothing like you.

When you are in love, you can't fall asleep,

because reality is better than your dreams.
- Dr. Seuss.

For my case, it's called insomnia.

3:09 AM
Getting my wings on.

Definition of Jade Chin Yuen Yoke at this moment:

Lethargic, very very lethargic.


I've been going to hostel everyday now. I'm like some lifeless creature. Anyway, we had our dinner just now at Pink. Keyi and I had the same dish which is the Fish Paste Mee Hoon. It is really delicious. I think it's because of the right amount of milk they put in. But I still prefer the USJ 6 one which comes with fried fish. Catherine had Marmite Chicken Rice with an extra egg while Pei Yeung only had co-res-law. Hahaha inside joke.

Met Pin Zai and Hong Zai on the way back. Got back finally and we chit chatted as usual. Catherine bought this new pair of heels from Charles & Keith and insisted me on trying it on. Put them on and they said it looks nice on me. (Proud hahaha) But nah, it's not really my type of heels and thank God I didn't fall in love with them. Or else, gone. I'll be broke again.

I actually did split three times today. (Just to show off la, cheh) Since none of them can do one. After awhile, Catherine bugged us on going to Starbucks. And of course without hesitation, we went to the Starbucks at Sunway Medical Centre to get the drinks. Someone got me my favourite Java Chip Frap. I was surprised. Haha thank you, you're the best.

Started playing Uno back at hostel. We got bored so we switched to poker. I won the first three rounds. Then Keyi and Pei Yeung won too. One after another. And then I won again. Wanted to leave already but then Pei Yeung quickly gave out the cards so I have to play them no matter what. Haha. Arranged my cards and I asked enthusiastically, 'You guys really want to play still? I have three big two's'. Everyone was like, speechless hahaha. So all in all, I won five out of seven rounds of poker. Seems like my high level of addiction to Viwawa during the first semester was a great choice.


One keeps talking to me and the other keeps 'abusing' me non-stop. Stupid, now I think I know where the bruises on my right hand came from. Just in case you're wondering, I'm talking about Pavan and Isaac.

Pavan says I'm a nocturnal creature. I can't deny that. Oh, and the Manchester United shirt that we got Isaac for his birthday is officially a gone case. His dad put it in the washing machine to wash and all the bling bling words are now gone. He's really mad at his dad up till now. Geee. But who wouldn't right.


I finally cut my hair. Well, this is old news. It happened last Thursday when mum asked me spontaneously if I want to trim my hair. The end result? I regretted saying yes and is still regretting now. ):

Catherine cut hers too. Our hair are almost on the same length now. Slightly below the shoulders. I think she looks really Korean-ish now.


Having you like this now, is so unworthy. You will realize that you're wrong because I won't be there to pick up the pieces for you anymore. You don't have to tell, and I don't need to know. Vice versa. It won't be difficult for me now. Reminiscing over you won't be a must anymore too. But I still want to thank you for being there still no matter what.


Should I go Malacca with Sykin they all after finals? I've been thinking. I thought of saving the money to splurge on you know, clothes (and souvenirs ahem) when I fly to Australia next March. I just went to Malacca like a month ago anyway. Deadline's tomorrow and I got to make my decision fast. I hate making decisions really.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 5:31 AM
Thought that I was a fighter.

I know my heart should be indestructible.
But you made it impossible.
You don't have to tell me in order for me to feel it.
Because I'm just that vulner

2:05 AM
Lights will guide you home.

21 November 2009

Went to pick everyone up from hostel and off we went to Sunway Pyramid. Car park was packed so I had a nice (not-so-nice) time rounding for parking. After settling in Pyramid, we were deciding on what to eat. We went to Ole-Ole Bali first to check out their menu. Then, Hwee San suggested to go Thai Thai. Could see from her face she wants to dine Thai Thai a lot. The way she blinks her eyes, simple adorable.

A picture of her.

We were warmly greeted 'Sawadee Kap' by the waiters in Thai Thai while we were walking into the restaurant. Then, we were placed at a round table under a really exquisite chandelier.

Here's a picture of it.

I find it a hassle to bring my camera along. It's really heavy. So, pictures are going to be a little blurry and limited. I grabbed most of the pictures from Keyi's phone. (Thank you)

We flipped the menu for many times, I couldn't keep track. Everyone was unsure of what to eat. But I know it is a must to have Green Curry in a Thai restaurant. The last time I had Green Curry was at Flying Chillies, The Gardens with Diana and Melvin. And it was the bomb, seriously. So yeah. Flying Chillies and Thai Thai are under the same company anyway.

Their slogan.

Nevertheless, we ordered Green Curry, Tomyam Hotpot with Seafood, Mango Salad with Catfish and Pineapple Rice. I ordered Fried Calamari's with Tartar Sauce later on.

The four dishes that came first.

Followed by the Fried Calamari's.

Oh my god, the Fried Calamari's tasted so damn goooood. Everyone agreed. It is the right combination of crunchy coating with soft, squishy and soft squids. The Pineapple Rice was nice as well. The only bad thing about it is ours didn't come in a real pineapple form. The salad tasted okay to me. The others find it a tad too sour. The Tomyam Hotpot with Seafood offers many squids and mushrooms and of course huge shrimps. Oh, and the Green Curry was superb! The aroma of it already made my mouth watered.

A nearer shot of the hotpot. The huge shrimp, yum.

We left happily with bloated stomachs.

Went to S&J to get a few headbands and Popular to check out some magazines. We had Ice Monster for dessert. Hwee San was craving for it since a longgg time ago. But we couldn't get the chance to have it together every time.

Mango Sorbet and Passion Fruit Ice Cream.

We spent a really long time there. We looked and commented on mostly every passerby's. Gee, we're really mean. But we had a real awesome time. I fetched them back to hostel after dessert. And we were greeted with a really bad news. A friend of ours got 1.2k cheated from a gimmick while she was at Pudu. We were really saddened by it while listening to her story. Sigh, damn those bastards.

22 November 2009

It was Hwee San's birthday and she went out with her friends right after EDC. I picked Keyi, Cai Ling and Yean Nin up to buy a cake for Hwee San. Went to Pyramid after that to get her a birthday card and champagne. We had McDonald's for dinner and Cai Ling met her friend whose working as a clown for the Cadbury event. She was super ecstatic omg. Keyi and I were like super stunned to see her jumped. Too excited hahaha.

Went back to hostel and started planning with the others on how to surprise Hwee San when she gets back. We settled everything and we just chilled around while waiting for her to come back. It was getting late and I had to leave. Aww, I feel kind of sad for not being there with them to surprise her. Nevermind, there's always next time.

She wore the dress that all of us shared to buy for her. Not forgetting the Minnie Mouse headband that I bought for her too as a surprise. With the White Chocolate Cake and pink-colored champagne that I chose.

Truthfully, although I have never told this to them before, but I love being with them. A bunch of really friendly girls with comical facial expressions and actions. They make me happy.


Sunday, November 22, 2009, 11:56 PM
Go out and smash it.

It's gonna strike 12 soon.
Which marks the end of someone's special day.


Happy Birthday, Hwee San!

Tsk tsk tsk so pretty.

Happy sweet twentieth, pretty pretty!

Will update more on how we celebrated her birthday the day before in the next post.


Saturday, November 21, 2009, 6:01 AM
Come on and fly with me.

Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars --- points of light and reason... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Sudd
enly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.
- Edward Cullen ; New Moon, page 514.

Aww, I can't wait to watch New Moon.


Finals are coming.

This spells s-h-i-t.

3:51 AM
Twenty twelve.

My nap turned out to be an 8 hour nap wtf.

Anyway, I watched 2012 yesterday with Keyi and Hwee San at Summit. Of all places, Summit. Why?

While we were queuing up to buy tickets at Sunway Pyramid, a message from TGV popped out on the television screen. It goes something like this, 'Sorry to inform you that 2012 tickets for all sessions today are sold out'. What turf. (Cheesie's favourite phrase) It was predictable though that the cinema was going to be on full house.

Without wasting time, we went to Summit straight away to buy the tickets. (Look at how desperate we were) Only to find out that there were so many seats left. So in the end, we bought the 12pm one. The three of us were starving already since we were at Pyramid. We managed to buy McDonald's and sneaked them into the cinema hall within 20 minutes. The movie started and there were less than 15 people in the hall.

Verdict : Watch movie in Summit next time.

So, how was the movie?


Honestly, I find the movie okay only. Maybe it was because everyone was saying the movie is very x95734185476 nice. So I expected it to be veryyyyyy nice. Quite disappointing though. But the visual effects? It was superb. I must say that I'm very well impressed.

Anyhow, I didn't really like the storyline. It was a little boring and draggy during the first two hours. I was trying to knock some sense into myself but the way they were trying to escape from disaster was ludicrous.
The last 40 minutes was fine though.

I don't have much to say on this movie. You'll probab
ly have a great time watching it. But just don't think about it too hard afterwards. Because if you do, you'll probably be left speechless like us.

Oh, and I did cry during the movie. It did managed to move me a little. It's a disaster movie what. There a few touching scenes in there. Can't help not crying. Haha wtf. Comical scenes are in as well. Especially the part where Tamara showed her middle finger to Karpov. He so deserves it yo.

Jackson with Charlie who's insane but was right all the time.

Is the world really coming to an end? On the way back to college, we were thinking what are we going to do today if 2012 is tomorrow. Sigh. Appreciate everything you have now okay. You only have one life to live.


Dinner today with them two for Hwee San's birthday.
Planned to surprise her, but how?
Hmm I shall leave it to Keyi who's insanely smart haha.

Anticipating for it.

Friday, November 20, 2009, 7:32 PM
Don't stop, make it pop.

iTired, iHungry, iSleepy, iSick.

Might as well,


*coughs coughs*

Okay I'm gonna go take a nap now.

Will update later.


Thursday, November 19, 2009, 12:55 AM
My heart went knock knock.

Jade is so jaded.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009, 10:53 PM
Once or twice was enough.

This (pointing to the heart) controls this (pointing to the mind).

- Mam Sue.

3:59 AM
Take a breath, take it deep.

I changed my skin.

This current one or the previous one is nicer?

I like both and I can't decide.

Which one do you prefer?


There's class tomorrow later at 8am.

And I'm gonna be bored as hell with the two dudes.


Okay I'm going to sleep now.


Sunday, November 15, 2009, 7:44 AM
Fear of Ghost?

Keyi is one awesome friend who loves to drink soup. The Chinese kind. So on her birthday, we decided to treat her to eat at Ru Jia's Cafe (I think) at Sunway Pyramid. I really hope she's touched because I walked all the way from college okay. Alone some more! Met up with Catherine, Cai Ling, Hwee San and of course, her in front of Mango.

Anyway, food was good. We ordered three kinds of soup. Herbal, old cucumber and ABC. I must reckon that my mum cooks nicer soups. (; After lunch, we accompanied Cai Ling to buy cookies from Famous Amos as she is going back to Seremban.


Cai Ling left and the three of us went to watch Phobia 2. Phobia 2 is a movie where you get five horror stories for the price of one. I was really freaked out even before the movie started. I'm sucker for horror movies but yeah, I'm a coward for it too. Stupid, it doesn't even sound logical.

Anyway, the five horror stories are Novice, Ward, Backpacker, Salvage and In The End.

The subjects vary from spiritual body-snatching to zombified refugees, the pacing from slow and lingering to fast and furious, the tones from creepy to comic. One thing's for sure, it's never monotonous.

They saved the best part for the last. It is ridiculously hilarious. Hysteria reigns as overactive imaginations and cliches collide. In The End is a horror story that actually makes you laugh. This is what we call hormedy. And my verdict is this hormedy is definitely better than Where Got Ghost.

Got pretty girl some more. Go watch. Highly recommended.

3:28 AM
Make a wish.

5 November 2009

Went for English CSB 2 exam then left to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Keyi and Michelle's pre-nineteenth birthday at Pizza Hut. Bur Michelle left earlier so it was more to celebrating Keyi's.

Surprise 1;

Arranged for her housemates to come slightly later to surprise her. But she was not surprised at all. It seems that she already know. Thus, surprise one failed. Gahhh. ):

Siao Li, Cai Ling, Pei Yeung and Yeannin.

Momo with metal spoons.

Shen Ee was trying to be a reindeer I suppose.

Shen Ee and Ivy.


Keyi and her housemates.

Our gang.


Surprise 2;

All her presents.
Psst, which present do you like the most? The one on your head, hor hor hor? (;

Surprise 3;

We lighted up candles in Catherine's room along with a small birthday cake. Sang the happy birthday song after she opened the door. This time we managed to surprise her! Yayy.

Haha act cute.

Very very beautiful.

Cake cutting time.

The cake that Catherine and Hwee San decorated. Awww.

Group picture back at hostel.

Surprise 4;

Siao Li made this super duper adorable card.

Surprise 5;

Siao Li's mum gave her cash as present. Haha.

After digging into the cake.

Surprise 6;

This is new. Surprise 6 is this post. I had been so reluctant in updating my blog rightttt, you all know. So this is for her.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009, 11:59 AM
Malacca Heritage.

A really back-headed post on Malacca Trip. There's really too much to write. So I'll just post up pictures. (:

29th October 2009

Siao Li drives yo!

Cendol that has sago in it and Siamese Vermicelli. Apparently, Ho Chak introduced this place to their viewers too.

Passed by the Christ Church and saw many trishaws decorated with beautiful flowers.

Keyi and I.


Three awesome people.

Pahlawan Shopping Mall.

Had some drink before continuing our journey.

Our drinks.

I call it the tower which brings us all the upppp.

Sitting in it.

The best scenery picture that I can take.

Time for satay celup!

Famous celebrities have dined there too.

The satay sauce.

Ready to eat!

Eye On Malaysia.

Cai Ling and I in the cabin.

Wan Tan Mee in the middle of the night.

Had fried oyster omelette and slept right after.

30th October 2009

Chicken rice for breakfast.

Went to Tan Kim Hock to buy their products.

Arrays of food.

Ermm, The White House? LOL.


The famous A Famosa.

Old currencies displayed at the museum.


Funny picture hehh.

DJ's wannabe?

Flags displayed.

The place where Cai Ling threw her umbrella away with style.

The Portuguese Village.

We visited the temple too.

I don't know how to read them.

Went to Nadeje cakehouse for their layer cakes.

Look at those layers!

Had western for lunch. Keyi's.

Siao Li's.

Cai Ling's.


Taken from the hotel window.

Siao Li, her mum and her nephew.


Girl went gaga over beach.

Paparazzi shot.

Woohoo four of us.


SL, CL, KY and J. (:

Time for dinner.

Some of the seafood.

Long pants for the first time.

31 October 2009

Bah Kut Teh!

Boat ride tickets.

Ice cream! I had mint.


Friendly Malaysians.


Colourful bracelets at Jonker Street.

Antique shop.

Hahaha reminds me of Luke.

Finally home!

Took a really long time uploading all these pictures. Occasionally, I wanted to bang my head against my keyboard while uploading actually wth. I'm mad. Don't bother. (: